Humans are so smart compared to animals, that even an animal with the intelligence of a 4 year old is impressive to us, amirite?

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That might just be because our definition of "smart" is made by us. Animals would probably think we're stupid for wasting our food, not being able to climb, breathe underwater, etc. etc.

Animals display intelligence beyond a human child of four years. They save their families from burning building, rescue each other from dangerous situations and have been known to use tools and bait. They can navigate far better than us, detect cancer and alert a human.

The depth a guide dog and service animals show is well beyond a human child. Specifically in the areas of judgement and maturity.

Plus, I'm pretty sure my dog speaks English, well. She just can't answer with words.

I agree but I think the downvote Nazis on here are going to get you good, for saying that.

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