Capitalism can offer us everything except a shared purpose. amirite?

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Capitalism gives you a purpose, to circulate capital. To buy, sell, spend, consume. It doesn't however, offer us rent money as capitalism is a greedy money grubbing dirtboy

The shared purpose for everyone in capitalism is to make money, weather it be a few dollars or millions

...or security, or equity, or empathy, or any sense purpose beyond work...

Tell that to Steve W and Steve Jobs. Pretty sure they had a shared purpose when they started a business out of a garage

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Capitalism is the most destructive force on Earth.
It rewards greed and corruption while it stifles truth and innovation.
Anyone who can't see the destruction Capitalism creates has fallen to the decades of propaganda. It has given us the largest wealth gap in human history.
The Pharaohs would be green with envy.
The US didn't grow because of Capitalism but in spite of it.

Equal competition??

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