GMOs are quite literally "playing with your food". amirite?

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GMOs enable corporations to patent food. Used to be that anyone could grow any species of crop they wanted to, they could collect seeds and use them to grow their next crop, because nobody could patent DNA. GMO changed that. Now a corporation can own a patent on DNA, and if pollen should blow over from a neighbor's field and contaminate your own seeds, the company can sue you and take your farm. I think it's profoundly dangerous and unjust what has been allowed.

Monsanto Sues Farmers for 16 Straight Years over GMOs, NEVER Loses
AUGUST 29, 2014

@Toounknown Lies is what their selling...i bought a fucking tomato... Not Red Flesh 462

In law school this is a priciple they drill into their students... apparently the corporations want the kids to believe that businesses/farms arent responsible for wind pollution, this incorrect principal is forced on students early in law school..why??? Maybe because the corporations write the books

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