There's a body in the woods no ones found yet. amirite?

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can't tell if it's a confession or not...

Ggezpzmuppys avatar Ggezpzmuppy Yeah You Are +5Reply

Drive along I-10 going east from Houston thru Louisiana - there's got to be a LOT of bodies in those swamps.

well ofc

neruals avatar nerual Yeah You Are +4Reply

yeah, I heard it was near me, I gotta go.

Mytokhondrias avatar Mytokhondria Yeah You Are +3Reply

And no one will find them (:

Just the way I intended

Ghostturdzs avatar Ghostturdz Yeah You Are +1Reply

Several, by my count

Natalie Wood

@-Floydian Natalie Wood

That's...that's an actor from the 80's right?

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