My friend suggested some possible reasons as to why the guy I like hasn't called me lately. They included: he's an alien, he's broken the law and on the run, he's got a gf, he's secretly a woman, he's swapped bodies with someone, he's got a girl pregnant, he's pregnant, he has cousrework, hes moving to another country or he's a dickhead. Her reasoning is good, amirite?

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Maybbe he's just not that into you.

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Go to MLIA, they have your type there.

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Cool story, bro.

Thanks for sharing.

Try calling him maybe? I know wild ideas here people.

For some reason this sounds like something from . :/

Or you're ugly and he hates you.

I thought we all got over MLIA and moved on already, amirite?

He probably doesn't like girls who get all question-y when guys don't call them.

You should make new friends.

He's probably busy having a nerf gun war with his grandfather dressed up as Darth Vader.

Is he a ninja too?

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@dzukac Is he a ninja too?

Of course not. Obviously he's hiding in a box, and is secretly a wizard, duh.

All of the above?

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you thought wrong.

GTFO and go back to MLIA.

There shall be no faggotry here.

I need to meet this friend.

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