The wealthier you are, the further your couch is from a wall. amirite?

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Or becomes a bed

And at some point, it turns into a sofa.

Mytokhondrias avatar Mytokhondria Yeah You Are +5Reply

Jokes on you! I don't have a couch! I sleep on a pile of old blankets and old clothes like a cat!

MY couch is in the next house. So I'm super rich, considering the distance from my wall! And believe me, it is my couch! Just don't ask my neighbor.

I dunno, I've seen some weird studio apartments in my day.

Horsesaregays avatar Horsesaregay Yeah You Are +3Reply

*Looks at couch

Ah, crap.

catsuperbergs avatar catsuperberg Yeah You Are +3Reply

When your couch is right against the wall

I just rearranged my living (3 weeks ago), and couch did get 5 feet further away, I don't feel wealthier.

Glances behind me at my couch rammed into the wall

I can fit half a baloney sandwich back there

Unless you sleep on a couch on the street, with no house.

Mariahmcmuffins avatar Mariahmcmuffin Yeah You Are +1Reply

Does anyone else not get this or am I just really dumb

Iamalgends avatar Iamalgend Yeah You Are +1Reply
@Iamalgend Does anyone else not get this or am I just really dumb

You have such a big house that either the couch can comfortably sit in the middle of room and still be far enough from the TV, or you have a separate sitting room for your couch.

That's because my house is full of trash!

... unless you live in a sitcom.

Cries in I dont have a couch

And the closer you are to a madam.

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