If the Harry Potter world was real then wizarding porn stars could sell their own Polyjuice Potion to fans so they could spice up things in the bedroom. amirite?

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Stalkers would try a lot harder to get hair from people.

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Spice up things in the bedroom or extreme identity theft

I just assume using polyjuice for sexual reasons is rampant in the wizarding community, not just with porn stars. I mean, why bring up polyjuice at all otherwise. The implications are out there.

Ayy Rita Skeeter, where that potion at? Lmao

Couples could use this to try doing it together and see it from the other perspective

Could gamer girl bath water be used in polyjuice potion?

If that's something that turns you on do yourself a favor and go read some Harry Potter fanfic. I would say it's roughly 70 80%, polly juice fantasies

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Follow up question. What if a woman turned into a man using polyjuice potion, then masturbated and used it to impregnate themselves. Would it work?

If the Harry Potter world was real, wizards could use their powers to help normal humans, instead of referring to them with slurs.

Your mind is a fascinating place. Another one please

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