All genetically inherited abnormalities are STDs, amirite?

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What??? Noooo. If you have Down's syndrome and have sex with a girl, the girl does not get Down's syndrome. Even if you have a baby, the baby might not have it too

Abnormality ≠ disease

That would be STA's. Abnormalities is not the same as disease.

Technically the truth

This just hurts to read. Maybe get a dictionary?

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Congenital abnormalities and diseases aren’t STDS...unless they are. For example, HIV can cross the placenta and infect the baby. If someone knows they have a family history of harmful genetic diseases and gets (another person) pregnant with the intention of passing the condition on, they should be harshly punished.

Using that logic, babies themselves are STDs. Which, I mean, a lot of people might even agree with.

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