There is technically a point where a pepper can get so hot, that it can be considered a bioweapon. amirite?

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Technically a chemical weapon, but the point stands.

Hottest I ever had was a homegrown ghost pepper my uncle grew, it was hell

Pepper spray?

Capsaicin was literally evolved to be a chemical weapon. It's purpose is to deter mammals from eating them, but not birds.

Also, all fruit has evolved to be eaten. We didn't evolve to eat them.

Bhuto Jolokl , a strain of ghost pepper, was created to be weaponized by the Indian military

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@Iapetus-11 The dragons breath is inedible

I have tried every strain I have been able to find. The scorpion is very bad. Ghosts are ok, but dont have much of a taste.

The highest theoretical rating for a pepper on the Scoville scale is the rating of pure capisacin. In reality that can't be a pepper so it would have to be significantly lower than that. So probably 1.5 x the current hottest pepper is what is possible.

Also, the ghost pepper (buht jolokia) was used in pepper spray grenades by the Indian military.

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