Humans are the only species which looks at "being fat" as a bad trait while choosing a mate. amirite?

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Some African tribes pride themselves on being overweight. I've seen a documentary about young girls being force fed camels milk..

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I'm not sure that's true

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Mainly because we're the only species that has obesity as a problem

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Being overweight, obese, and/or overfat in past societies used to be considered rich, and skinny, anorexic, and/or underfat (if you have no muscle definition) used to be considered poor. I've heard if you're only slightly underweight or overweight, that it's not as deadly for you. The problem is, that people have different bone frame sizes. For example, I'm 5'2" exactly and I have a medium frame. The heaviest I should weigh is 132lbs; just assume that I wouldn't be overfat so I have an average amount of body fat, water weight, muscle, and bone mass. Somebody in my 20's, I would be healthy in the body fat percentage around the 20's (even 29%), since I'd be either fitness or acceptable.

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Because there are skinny pigs....right

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