It's possible that bugs will one day outnumber humans. amirite?

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Bruh I think they already do

They already do though...

They already do

I can only assume that OP is from the distant future, in which we have finally started to turn around the rapid decline in global insect population, and is here to give us all hope.

I'd say that possibility is 100% and that day is everyday.

I bet there's more ants in my state than there are people in the US. And that's just ants

Bugs already outnumber humans. Not just in number, but also in total biomass. By a lot. Like, a lot LOT. AFAIK, it's always been that way, since humans have existed.

Ants are like 8 to 1, wdym

Always have and always will

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They have since the dawn of time. Where have you been?

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