Moral concern about killing an animal is directly proportional to the size of the animal. amirite?

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Wait, so do we feel less sad about killing big animals than small animals? Because I'd cry if I killed anything.

I don't think this is even close to true. Cows are pretty big and we don't care about them at all. Well I do, but the majority don't. Kill a beagle? People in your life would disown you. Trump Jr can pose for a pic after killing big game but couldn't pose next to a dog or cat he killed. Imagine if he posed next to a bald eagle he killed? Those are relatively small.

I think size is irrelevant, in this matter anyway. Why you're killing it and the method used are much more important.

This whole subject has a wide spectrum because it’s starts with the type of person you’re directing the question at, then size may be of importance I’m not sure but it seems people care about usefulness of the dead animal how cute it is how loving the nature of the animal, if it’s wild or domestic and how many people or other animals it has harmed or killed for no reason. Also it seems people will eat a burger and say killing animals is wrong at the exact same time. This all depends on if the person you are asking this question to could even in fact, kill any animal at all.

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