Watching porn is kinda gay cuz you're getting off to another dudes dick, amirite?

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"When watching porn, do you care if the guy is only half erect?"

"Of course! I want him to have a raging hardon and....oh crap"

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How about pov vr porn?

And if you're gay you get off to gay porn which is really gay.

Pretty gay of you to assume the porn I watch has dicks in it.

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Do you like watching the big dicks or the little dicks?

@Darealkyp I watch em but i Don't pay attention to dicks in porn

This is the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and going "NANANANANA CANT HEAR YOUUU!!"

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*bukake has entered the chat

I like to think the male performer is trying to hide it from the camera

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