Pinocchio could answer all unanswered questions such as what came first the chicken or the egg because he can't lie so if he said a false answer we would know and have the answer, amirite?

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I think something like that would fall under his intent. If he honestly believes what he is saying is true, I don't think the magic would make his nose grow 🤔

A lie is only a lie if we know the answer to be wrong.

He knows that he doesn't know the answer to these questions so any answer he gives besides "I don't know" would be a lie.

I don't think it works that way. His nose is not omnicient. His nose would only grow is he consciously tells a lie. He can give wrong answers if he doesn't know the correct answer, or if he absolutely believes that a misinformation is correct.

An example: Geppeto tells him "I bought a blue hammer" but the hammer is green. Until he is corrected, he can tell anyone that the hammer is blue with no repercussions.

However, if he makes a guess and someone asks him "are you sure?" (Or something to that effect) and he says yes, his nose would probably grow.

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He could simply answer the question with "I don't know" and that would be the truth

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