If you see someone who's clothes are covered in dog hair then you're near someone who has true love in their life, amirite?

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Or they've just been to somebody's house that has a dog?

What if the person is a dog walker or dog groomer

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@Darealkyp What if the person is a dog walker or dog groomer

Dog walkers are probably loved by the dogs they walk.

Can you get another dog?

@Iapetus-11 Can you get another dog?

No, unfortunately I can't. I work more than 12 hours a day and a dog needs to be walked more than that. I'm working harder so that a dog can eventually live with me.

My dog doesn't shed…

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In our house, pets sleep in unattended laundry baskets. Your clothes get covered in hair whether you love the pets or not.

I can't wear black having 3 dogs.

Maybe they were just attacked by wolves.

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