Most young people are treated as if they were children, while they are expected to behave as adults, amirite?

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Basically high expectations and low consequences. You expect them to be on their best behavior and let them live up to that expectation as much as they can. You treat them like children so that if they don't live up there's no consequences.

Sounds legit to me

The worst thing a child can do is prove their parents right

@bertlp The worst thing a child can do is prove their parents right

My parents still think of me as a recluse spineless socially inept home monkey, despite all the evidence saying otherwise.

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If you feel bad for being treated like a child then you are still one.

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Young people are treated like children because they most likely (not all the time) have less accumulated knowledge than someone who has been doing something longer. So even if they behave like an adult, they still have stuff to learn.

When you act like you know everything already you are definitely going to be treated like a child.

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Really just either something to brag about , take out any frustration on by beating , and discard when done

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