There would probably be a lot more vegetarians and vegans if animals could talk to us, amirite?

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Vegans don't eat meat because they think it hurts animals it does they eat plants but it hurts the plants if you pull a carrot from the ground they make a high pitched scream not even dogs can hears same with all trees , flowers , most herbs and most other Vega , berries and fruit

It would work for me, actually. I draw the line at consciousness.

The promised neverland?

I think the screams of anguish heard in factory farms and slaughterhouses is enough 'speech' to make any genuinely compassionate human feel guilty for contributing to such horrible suffering. Many documentaries i.e. Dominion show this pretty well

Well, LGBT people can talk and yet we have armies of idiots ready to make them miserable.

What if it turned out all animals were assholes?

@Creegs17 What if it turned out all animals were assholes?

Pretty sure no animal would outcompete humans at being assholes

Laughs in species war

But they would also tell us that they appreciate our love and help. We would point out to them that we can't help them much if there is no market for them or their products. So a compromise would be developed where only milk and eggs and such non-harm products would be obtained from animals. The vegan movement would be embarrassed and collapse and most people would switch away from meat to animal products that animals LIKE to produce, like raw milk and eggs.

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