The reason so many adults lose optimism in the world is that you get older and realize Superman isn't real, then you get a little older and realize Lex Luther is real. amirite?

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lex luther is real and his parents are jeff bezos and mark zuckerberg.

Also in reality many make Lex Luther the hero due to his wealth and aspire to be him. Our Lex Luthers may not have giant mechs, but they do cause harm by taking advantage of others and we allow it. I am a very jaded adult.

You know. I could deal with a lex luther just now.

It's the incompetence that's wearing me down more than anything else.

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Everyone is nitpickin but i get you. As i get older, i see how much power the Lexs of the world have and how hard Supermen and women fight against it, but often fail because the Lexs have too many henchmen. Did i read too much into this?

How old where you, when you realised Superman wasn't real?

did you walk all the way into the backyard to type this?

But good fairies are real!   wink smilie
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