Since the game, Fallout takes place in an alternate timeline to ours, where nuclear technology is used rather than computer technology; we would all exist in the Fallout universe. amirite?

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To answer your question no when the split happened (around early to mid century 20th century)the advancements made obviously changed culture (as shown)and what is attractive would've changed such as you parents might not of met so no not all of us but interesting idea any ways

That doesn't make any sense.

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@Tomyseptic That doesn't make any sense.

See its a difference of timelines, Fallout takes the question "What would happen if we continued to explore nuclear technology after WWII" the result of that was total atomic annihilation in 2077. Since it is an alternate timeline, we would all exist in that timeline, just a little different. Sure, we would've been wiped out by nukes, Ghoulified, or died of old age in a vault, but would exist, or would have existed in Fallout, silly goose :)

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