People who have asthma hate going to casinos, amirite?

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I have asthma and love going to casinos. Also, casinos here don't allow smoking inside. Also, I am a smoker.

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Heavy breathing can shuffle the cards

I don't have asthma, and I also hate casinos for this reason.

Really? Why?

@Pokketts Really? Why?

Most casinos usually allow smoking

@Crazymotherfuker Most casinos usually allow smoking

Casinos are also chaotic high anxiety places. I didn't think about the smoking.

@Crazymotherfuker Most casinos usually allow smoking

Pretty sure this is getting less and less common

I was privileged to have briefly known Roger Altounyan, the man who developed Intal, the first ever asthma relievant. He was also a lifelong asthma sufferer.

Before he developed Intal, he said that the only thing that would help his breathing during an attack was smoking a pipe.

As someone who suffers from it...why exactly...?

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