A piano is one of the hardest instruments to pick up. Think about it. amirite?

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Not if it is a ‘key-tar'!

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Even if you can bring yourself to practice piano, you can't bring your piano to your practice.

Easiest to let me go of too. Especially when it's above a young age (read child)

Pick yourself up, everything else follows

A Ukulele is one of the easiest to pick up. Think about it.

@lakerz690 A harmonica is even easier!

I've been playing the skin flute since I was 12 and was instantly a master of it. can't get any easier than that.

An organ is one of the hardest instruments to pick up. Think about it.

I'd like to see you try and pick up a pipe organ

Rope and pulleys

Yeah, they're pretty heavy. Pipe organs are heavier though.

Great Stalacpipe Organ: PATHETIC!

That's why many have wheels

I mean, you could get some piano lessons with somebody who has one already, then you wouldn't have to move it.

No, it's my skin flute. Think about it.

Financial instruments are the hardest to pick up. Because they're mostly intangible.

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