The only reason grocery stores run out of essential items is because people are afraid that grocery stores will run out of essential items. amirite?

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Tragedy of the commons.

@Smrncs Tragedy of the commons.

That's not what that means. Or at best a very big stretch.

Business is booming

That and socialism.

what if they weren't afraid?

@Unaviable what if they weren't afraid?

People are afraid that the store will run out of items, so they stock up on the items. Thus, the store runs out of items. Self-fulfilling prophecy.

What if they (everyone) weren't afraid? Then the stores wouldn't run out of items.

Sounds like the stock market. If everyone thinks it will crash, it crashes.

Not just that, but also because of supply line disruptions.

@Crazymotherfuker Not just that, but also because of supply line disruptions.

Don't forget that any attempt to raise prices in response to demand surges (which any econ textbook will tell you is the quickest way to slow the surge and get others to reallocate resources) gets you screamed at for "price gouging".


The University of Soviet Socialist Republics would like to teach you the proper organisation of a famine

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