It turns out that living through a global event that will be remembered in the history books isn't anywhere near as exciting as reading about it in history books makes it seem. amirite?

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The great pandemic of the twenties

Not exciting for most of us who are just stuck at home. But I bet those who are actively against this pandemic have a lot of things to look back on.

This is an important thing to realize. A lot of people who say things like, "they don't build them like like they used to", or people who have nostalgia for a time period are generally looking back from comfort at a snapshot of memories that don't show the struggle behind the curtain.

Oh yesaa like that

As someone who lives in a dictatorship country pretending to be republic. I assure you, you really don't want to live in a historic event.

mostly it's a lot of zoom. although the protests here in seattle where pretty wild ngl.

It will be interesting in my opinion. In 50-100 years they're going to look back on the pandemic and wonder why so many conspiracies were going around.

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