In your 20s you're worried about what everyone thinks of you. In your 30s you make it a point to not care what anyone thinks of you. In your 40s you realize that no one was thinking about you anyway. amirite?

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Haha I'm 15 and I already know no one cares about me anyway.

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I was lucky to realise in my 20s that no one was actually thinking about me. Made my cringe moments easier to deal with.

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Error realized all this in 20s 404 not found

I done my 30's in my 20's.

Sad way to think about things

Now you just sit alone in your apartment because of the pandemic, and there's no one to have an opinion at all!

I went through all phases of life in 16.👍

But still, I am a dumbass and I love myself

I've gone through all three of these in middle school. Rough times.

I am almost 25 and been through all this already

I know many 30 and 40 yr olds who are still stuck in the 20s phase.

If anyone is in there teens and reading this. Pay attention!!!!

Focus on you and do your best to make your existence better.

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Things are going to get better mate. Hang in there.

Is that how it's supposed to go? I guess it depends for everyone but for me & my friends it was shifted down a decade; caring in our teens then not caring as much in the 20s and everything after that is a mix of knowing that no one cares and if they do then they must not have better things to do.

@Mcgee0 Is that how it's supposed to go? I guess it depends for everyone but for me & my friends it was shifted down a...

That sounds much more plausible as a timeline. If anything, I'd say shift that decade AND cut the interval in half. No way it takes until 30 to reach that point.

David, nobody cares!

I'm in my 20s and I'm already past the 40s stage haha

This feels similar to the saying;

When your young, you wanna be older, and when your older you wanna be younger. But where's the middle?

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This is about me, isn't it?!

I'm 19 and seem to have gone through all these phases already

In my teens, depressed and thinking only of myself. In my 20s, depressed and thinking only of myself. In my 30s, depressed and thinking of myself. Who knows what 40s will bring! (hopefully some balls and a rope)

In your 20s, the worry exists because the others really think about you. In your 30s, you don't care because you think you may be too old for that. In your 40s, no one thinks about you because you are literally too old for them to care.

...the cats in the cradle...

this gives me hope

Hah I went through all of that before my 20s, am I special now?

I'm in my 10's and I worry about what everyone thinks of me, but at the same time I already know nobody's thinking about me

So basically, life goes on.

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Ah, noob, I'm not even 20 and I know that no-one thinks of me! Now that's a speed run!

Apparently I'm 40 cool cool

I'm 37, I have an amazing group of friends that I care very dearly for and we always seem to find time for each other. I also have my family that I love and I feel loves me. I don't think age has anything to do with it. I will always care about other people with boundaries and always love people because it's not about me even though my life is all about me.

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So I've went through all those stages already from 15 to 16 and now 17. What happens now?

Everyone has their own problems and are too busy to give a damn about what you're doing. You might be the talk of the town for all of about 10 min and all will go back to normal. So do what makes you happy and screw everyone else's opinions.

Drop it a decade and I think you'll come closer to average.

I'm not even in my 20's, but already know no one's thinking of me.

That moment when I'm in my 30s in my 20s

For me, it worked this way:

In my early teens, I worried about what everyone thinks about me.

In my late teens, I decided not to care what anyone thinks about me.

In my early 20s, I realized that no one was thinking about me anyway, but I was sad because adulting is hard and I hoped people are thinking about me in a positive way.

In my late 20s, I realized that no one was thinking about me and I am fully responsible to design how I want my life to be.

So I skipped to 30s?

im in my 10s and really felling lika a 40s, what's does that mean?

Thankfully, it didn't take me nearly to 40 to realize no one was thinking about me.

The teen years you're about what you think about yourself.

In my experience

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Am I a 40 year old in a 25 year olds body?

I'm in my 20s and no one's thinking of me at all

I'm 17 and going from 30s to 40s rn...

In your 50's you don't know what your thinking

I've already gone through all three stages and I'm not even 20 yet

I'm 30 and I can't get a job nor start a traditional business. I am going to finally diss my mom and make a Youtube channel for views and revenue. She'll understand one day.

huh I guess 19 year olds are really just 30 year olds

Once I started not caring about what people think about me is when my life got better, which was in my early 30s.

I'm 13 and I've already realized nobody thinks about me.

I was just trying to explain this to one of my clients. Everyone needs to know this.

Maybe I did it wrong, but so far what's happened to me is that I spent my 20's worried that nobody ever thinks of me and then in my 30's realizing that there are actually people who think of me and I should embrace them.

Hey I guess I'm already in my 40s mentally

Me (a 23 year old): maybe I am 40

I don't think my 35-year-old sister is going to like her 40s, if that bit is true. She believes everyone in our family thinks about her, when in reality, we don't.

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