If you want to know if someone is an alcoholic, look in their recycling bin, not their fridge, amirite?

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Jokes on you! My garbage service doesn't recycle glass!

@monsterallergies Glass is like the most easily recyclable material!

Yes, but going around and picking it up, hauling it, processing it, it's pointless. It's just sand. It's more important to focus on plastics and aluminum.

You can apparently get a wealth of information about someone from their garbage, if documentaries have proven true over the years

We call them "heapers" and this is how we know who is worth hanging out with in our neighborhood.

Always crush your beer cans. You can then fit a week's worth in a plastic carrier bag.

I get .10 a can no way in hell they are going in the bin.

@Mariahmcmuffin I get .10 a can no way in hell they are going in the bin.

This. If ya throw away 300 cans, you basically just threw away a free case of beer

Listen during recycling pick up day. You can tell which neighbor has a problem or had a party by how loud the dumping sound is.

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Ha! Joke's on you; I switched to box wine so I can stuff the bag in the trash and shred the box and hide it in empty pizza boxes so no one can find my shame

I cash in all of my empties, so none of them end up in the bin.

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