It's super easy to evade police in a car, as all you need to do is steal one that has large wheels and is meant for off-roading so you don't bust the gas tank open when you pass over the curb to speed on the grass. amirite?

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This is advice for grand theft auto 5, right?

Easier to outrun a police car than outrun radios. May have a few more police up ahead. Don't try it, just pull over.

If you just go to space before committing a crime, nobody can hold you accountable!

Time to do Tax Fraud!

Wow, this plan is fool proof

This actually works if the cop hasn't seen your plates. It happens pretty frequently where I live, mostly with drunk drivers. A stolen car is another matter, you're not outrunning a radio or hiding from a helicopter. The police also have off-road vehicles.

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I always felt like bikes were better.. especially in traffic..

Dust they ass..

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