A laser beam bounces around before it shoots out, so a Star Wars gun is really inefficient, amirite?

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it moves at the speed of light

what do you propose

What about the 'laser sword', better known as a light saber

Light travels at 186k miles per second...

Mirrors/lenses can intensify the focus of light...

Ah hell, I give up- you're wrong though. Directed energy weapons are pretty awesome.

Inefficient compared to what standard?

A conventional gunpowder bullet wastes 65% of its energy in the form of heat and gasses and only 35% of its peak pressure output is placed on the projectile. Cartridges are very inefficient.

So a Walmart scanner is a better laser. Big thonk

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@Smrncs The scanner is yes. But not its user.

‘Plugs Walmart scanner into nuclear reactor'

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