Being able to get up in the morning and work on your own schedule is one of the most liberating things you will ever do. amirite?

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I wish I had this luxury.

@itsskyway I wish I had this luxury.

Me too! Why can't everyone have that?

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Literally the only good thing to come out of this God damn pandemic for me was getting the push to start working from home. No alarm is great. Wearing pajama pants all day instead of regular pants is great. Not being around my super annoying co-workers is the absolute best.

Ok. I own my business. And that means I work waaaay more than my employees. I lay awake thinking about ideas. It's all I talk about when I'm a social situation because it's all anyone asks about. So, yes, I make my own schedule. It's all day long. But you're right...I love it! I got to give everyone a snow day today!

No, it's annoying. I want structure to be provided for me not having to apply it myself.

  • What if you wake up at night?
  • What if you have your own schedule at night?

Nah it sucks I have horrible motivation and just end up bored and procrastinating and snacking and sleeping a bunch

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I enjoy saving the time traveling. I do feel more pressured to get things done however. If I show up to work and am on youtube all day no one bats an eye but can't do that when wfh.

Reading this still in my bed at 2pm

Have to have a lot of self discipline to be self-employed.

It's called the routine not a schedule since you're the only one doing it

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@Shiny244 You seem confused mate

It's your own personal routine what you do every morning. Schedules involves other people. So you're trying to say it's liberating to do your own routine every morning you don't need to make your schedule your schedule is in your brain

@Shiny244 You seem confused mate

So programmed it does not compute lol

Will *never do

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