People crap on BMW drivers for being rude but not nearly enough contempt is heaped on Chevy pickup owners who are the most hostile drivers on earth, amirite?

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Nice try,... BMW people are the worst.

Why constrain this to a brand? There's a tiny percentage of people who actually need a truck. The rest buy it for the prestige, and they behave that way. I for one get immense joy when my second-hand Chevy Bolt leaves them in the dust because of the insane quiet torque it has.

What's the difference between a BMW driver and a porcupine?

The pricks are on the inside.

Ram owners are the worst

@ImMemeLord Ram owners are the worst


Also I read the other day 5% of ram drivers have DWIs vs the average of 1.8%

@88080808088 I think it was specific to the ram 2500

Drove a 2500 form my last job. That truck alone could drive me to drinking with all the problems it had.

@ImMemeLord Ram owners are the worst

Absolutely, had an incident with a Ram today. Coming up to an intersection planning to make a left hand turn. Light is Red. I am just getting to the part where the yellow line divides and breaks signifying the start of the turn lane. As I put on my blinker doucher red Ram accelerates past me before the yellow lines even begin to fork. Why accelerate to a red light? Why merge to the left hand turn lane so early that the lane isn't even forming?

@ImMemeLord Ram owners are the worst

I think people who call trucks 'sexy' is the real problem, like if you think a lifted truck is the coolest thing, you're pretty lame imo. Monster trucks are okay because its more about demolition than "ha look at me I got the biggest dick".

@Openeyes I think people who call trucks 'sexy' is the real problem, like if you think a lifted truck is the coolest thing...

The kind of person who views a large truck as sexy can usually appreciate a girl with wide hips and thick thighs or a man with broad shoulders and a thick frame.

My point is that a lot of people see sport cars and think that there's a lot of flash and speed, but that's a vehicle that can't drive well down a dirt road or pull a hay trailer.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In central Arkansas, with our potholes and otherwise unreliable weather that can turn highways to rivers or frozen skid zones all in the same week, a Lambo would only be owned by an idiot with more wealth than common sense.

@Openeyes I think people who call trucks 'sexy' is the real problem, like if you think a lifted truck is the coolest thing...

Lol. Theres a used truck dealership up the street from me called Big Sexy Trucks. The owner is exactly how you picture him based off of that alone. This dude is an amalgam of every fat white dirtball that you've seen arguing with the cashier at Wal-Mart.

@ImMemeLord Ram owners are the worst

I own 16gb, am I a cunt?

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@Spliffkillah I own 16gb, am I a cunt?

Depends. If it's DDR2, then probably.

@Dewanrachit Depends. If it's DDR2, then probably.

this was a bit hostile and I almost didn't understand it because I am SODIMM

@404ChompyNotFound "Like a Cock! I mean Rock"

After suffering through the Chevy DEF system and its failures, Like a Cock makes sense.

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@ImMemeLord Ram owners are the worst

This hurts. I'm not that bad I promise!

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Toyota Prius drivers all follow one guiding principal:

"I can go the speed limit in the fast lane of a four lane highway and you can all pass me on the right. I am the stone in the stream. Flow around me; I am immovable!!!"

Especially if the RAM/Chevy truck is white. Almost every close call I've had on my bike has been involving one of these

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I would agree if you said the lifted Chevy pickups.

BMW drivers aren't even that bad by percentage. It's confirmation bias that gives BMW drivers a bad rep.

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Souper Dooty drivers are the worst.

Nah man you mean dodge drivers

I worked at Enterprise that serviced a Corvette dealership and they were the worst customers. Didn't have a single Corvette owner that was even polite.

Happy to see Tesla owners haven't reached a$$hole driver status yet. It's really not us. It's the car. I swear.

When a coworker rode with me in my Colorado she said I drove like a dad but safe. Wtf does that mean?

You'd be surprised just how rude some Nissan and Honda drivers are. I've seen more Nissan and Honda drivers do the stereotypical "BMW driver" actions.

-Source: I am a BMW driver. That seems to get tail gated no matter what speed I am at.

OP got cut off by a Chevy pickup today lol.

Lifted *

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I gotta go with Dodge Charger owners as the worst. At least in Philadelphia.

A Dodge Charger owner has entered the chat...

Ok, at least not where I'm from cuz a. I'm from Minnesota and b. EVERYONE has a truck, but around here its the jacked up trucks that are cunts

what is it with the US connecting a car brand to a driving style? In Germany everones driving is a moron.

Ford F-150 drivers belong on the list too.

'Twas a chevy pickup driver that one day got pissed that I passed him and then caught up to me and rolled coal directly into my open window. Coughed for three days after that...

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Pickup drivers period. For some reason they can never seem to just wake up on time and insist on doing 95mph to work while weaving in and out of lanes.

BMW drivers are a bit more of a universal constant. You get them in pretty much any country unlike chevy pickup trucks

Oh yeah!? Well RAM 2500 owners get the most DUI!'s. So take that!

@Creegs17 Oh yeah!? Well RAM 2500 owners get the most DUI!'s. So take that!

you have to be drunk to get a RAM over any other truck. Hell, the Japanese trucks on the market are better than any domestic truck you're likely to find. It's crazy! I've had 3 fords blow up in the past 10 years, and my toyota (5 years, and twice the miles) is still purring along. The toyota was heavily abused and neglected too, but that motor is more faithful than my wife.

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@Unaviable you have to be drunk to get a RAM over any other truck. Hell, the Japanese trucks on the market are better than any...

Yeah but your fellow rig pigs will laugh at you for buying anything that isn't an F250 or bigger so you who's the smart one now /s

You sound like a BMW owner

Tbh, here where I live, its Prius drivers.

Worst drivers to share the road with.

I see that Escalade drivers didn't make the list. I can tell you that an Escalade body is like a rare-earth magnet to every vehicle being discussed here.

*in the Americas. BMWs sell around the world. Chevys not so much (once outside the US petrol costs double or triple)

Try driving in Italy. Fiats are the absolute worst

Any vehicle is capable of having an asshole in it but the ones that stand out are the motorcycle riders. Not the Harley kind but the Kawasaki Ninja and any related type, I don't know if I've ever seen one actually even somewhat obey the speed limit and not weave through traffic or generally try to kill themselves or others.

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I think you mean Dodge Ram drivers.

Interesting, it's the same in my country, but for two completely different reasons.

The BMW driver don't believe you exist.

The Chevy driver wants to make sure you notice his small dick energy.

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@Ryanjmur Small dick energy?

Like the fury of a blazing sun condensed into a two inch package.

@Ryanjmur Small dick energy?

Compensating for one's little weiner by being a tough guy asshole in other aspects of your life; like driving a huge unnecessary truck and trying to own everyone else on the road.

Kia Optima

I live in Detroit metro. Can confirm for all US-made pickup truck drivers. You know when you're driving in snow and there is that safe speed? These guys are always 20 miles over it.

Former BMW driver here The vehicles literally goad you into driving faster, everything else seems slower, like deliberately driving slower just to be in the way.

Down side to have a competent vehicle is that it doesn't FEEL like you're driving fast or aggressively until you're well past asshole territory.

Bought a kia, am now a more laid back driver.

Ram trucks and Jeep's are the worst

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