U.S.A Is the biggest crossover ever, amirite?

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soviet union was a bigger one

@Icy-layer soviet union was a bigger one

Definitely the biggest. Since the Soviet Union was a Republic that as expected supported republic, then voted for Democracy and divided into a series of separate independent Countries and never recovered that Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Their votes never even mattered, since a series of Countries were entirely invaded and annexed to USSR against the will of the foreigners, who always hated USSR and wanted out, but we're declined, no matter the votes. Finland was a rare exception (1918). But still, votes against the Russian Federation are overwhelming. Even in USSR, during WW2, German Nazi soldiers invaded the Soviet Ukraine and were welcomed as liberators BY the Ukranians. Many even gave the Nazis the Nazi Salute. In the early 2010s, just before Russia invaded Ukraine once again, not only Russian citizens, but entire Russian Federal Subjects, in a major economic, cargo and business crisis, threatened to not only secede from Russia if the Crisis were not eliminated, but that they would join the United States. Russian politics are so corruptive, that the people suffer deeply from the corruption and yet it's all the Russian way. So officially, there's nothing wrong. It's Communism. And Russia is a Communist. So nobody can complain, no matter how much corruption. And the only way out is through a civil war, or being seized by another Country in a war. And outnumbering and overpowering Russian police, reenforcements, veterans, etc. Or through luck off the incomprehensible charts and approval by Moscow to secede.

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