Homelessness is an emergency. amirite?

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Homelessness is a birth right

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I disagree. I have sympathy for homeless people, yet I think it is the status quo. At any given time a certain % of nation's population will be homeless. Here's the USA,

" In 2019, there were about 567,715 homeless people living in the United States. While this number had been steadily decreasing since 2007, in the last two years it has started to increase. "

That might sound like a lot but the USA has low homelessness in general, only 17 per 100,000. Compare that to Grenada which has 5,644 per 100,000. Yes, this is a health concern, but an emergency no.

" Health problems among homeless persons result from various factors, such as barriers to care, lack of access to adequate food and protection, and limited resources and social services.4 As each of these factors have legal underpinnings, legal and policy interventions have often been used to attempt to address homelessness, although not always from a public health perspective." CDC

Unless there is a polar vortex or a similar event.


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Corporations need to give up control of our country

I think homelessness is the culmination of several emergencies

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