Most dogs get treated better than visible minorities. amirite?

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What about invisible minorities?

Minorities? You mean endangered species. Humans are not a minority.

Minorities can vote, dogs cannot. There is also a whole bunch of animal cruelty with dogs. I don't want to make this comment too depressing so I won't mention any, but if your up for it search "animal cruelty dog" I'm sympathetic to both visible minorities and dog.


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Most dogs get treated better than most people... There fixed it for you.

What is a visible minority?

@TheSimmeringFrog What is a visible minority?

Apparently a person you can see that they are a minority if I read the wikipedia correctly, like blacks, Asians, and Hispanics. As opposed to gays and religion, how would you know what sexual orientation or religion somebody is just by looking at them?


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Dog minorities really suffer

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