People will blindly pay $1000 for a smart phone but would never buy a pc for half the price and better specs. amirite?

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PC is a baggage

Because you can pay $20 per month for a smart phone...

@piromysl Because you can pay $20 per month for a smart phone...

But why spend that much money on a phone when you can buy one for a whole lot less and still use them as a PC. I don't get spending $20 a money for a phone for years when in a year it will be obsolete, or well, almost.

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the general public see's the phone, it has become a status symbol, much like certain cars. General public does not see your computer so it is not a status symbol

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Because I don't need a PC, I need a smartphone

Most people use their phones like 3x as much as their PC

cough Mac users cough

Excuse me? A lot of people who use their pc a lot spend 1000+, my gaming rig was 1100 and it wasn't even a particularly high end computer

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