You can't move your penis without blinking your butthole, amirite?

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Is this a fact or are you asking me to do this without moving my penis?

Kegels for men

More of a wink than a blink

@Openeyes More of a wink than a blink

Hey everyone, this guy only got one buttholes!

My God what have you done?

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I mean, you can body shake it

I cant.. then again, I dont have a penis

Vindicare-jjls avatar Vindicare-jjl Yeah You Are +4Reply

Thanks for the genuine laugh, I totally tested that, have an updoot!

You just made a bunch of people (including me lmao) blink their butthole

Sure I can ...just use my hands

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The numer of people blinking their butthole has increased dramatically on this day

Buttholes don't blink, they pucker


Omg you're right

And vice versa

The amount of people you just moved...

You didn't say I can't use my hands.

The butt's the button, the p*nis is the hatch

You do realize we have hands right?

It would have cost you nothing to not mention it.

"You just tried it didn't you?"

@Alixkast "You just tried it didn't you?"

I can get a mean helicopter going without any help from my butthole.

Idk about blinking buttholes

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