The reason we die is because we synced realities. amirite?

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We die because we sync? I don't get the correlation

@itsskyway We die because we sync? I don't get the correlation

It's kind of a blend on a few theories.
Like that every action you take/don't take creates another reality where you make the other decision. Or I guess you could call it a timeline too.
Then the idea that our souls exist to "learn" for the universe (quick Google search doesn't show that theory, but maybe I made it up lmao, however there is a couple of articles claiming our souls "return to the universe" after we die.

Anyways, with all that, what I'm getting at is that maybe at the point of your death, your actions became one with yourself throughout realities/timelines making all decisions and actions the same. This would limit the knowledge gained for the universe, prompting it to reclaim us.

I know it's ridiculous and probably bordering or on crackpot level, but I'm just having fun :).

That high huh?

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Good attempt

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