Sith lords have a lot of honor to not use their Force Grip on their enemy's groin. amirite?

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I bet you could jack someone off with force grip

Some people probably pay extra for that.

There are so many things that would really happen in the star wars universe that dont, groin strikes are among them.

Mel Brooks was way ahead of the Sith Lords. He went there.

So Spaceballs: The Movie had it right. Go figure.

Achilles982s avatar Achilles982 Yeah You Are +6Reply

Better put, Sith Lords save their honor to use their Force Grip on their lover's groin...

I bet a Sith Lord could give a fantastic squeezer if they wanted to.

Mytokhondrias avatar Mytokhondria Yeah You Are +5Reply

This is what I think about force weilders every time i watch anything star wars related

And they don't push the off button on their opponents saber either for some reason

Or maybe they're just not into that kinda stuff you never know

Darth vader probably have sidious really good force backrubs when he was worried about his mentor

I mean...just squeeze an artery.

Sith could have been much more hardcore.

@Boknows12 I mean...just squeeze an artery. Sith could have been much more hardcore.

This. Eyes, groin, or if you can go inside the body then artery, brain, etc.

Being able to apply physical pressure from a distance to any point is a very broken power.

This makes me think of old king fu movies and the protagonist developing an iron crotch 🤣

Girlislits avatar Girlislit Yeah You Are +3Reply

Unlike Lord helmet, who immediately went for the schwartz

Sith lords only use the groin grip for remote sex, and then exclusively in vibrator mode in order to induce orgasms.

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