Choosing the analog or physical versions of things in the digital age is a bit of a rebellious act, amirite?

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Well, I personally put sticky notes on my phone instead of just using the ‘note' app. It feels somehow more.....controllable...? I don't know. Digital things sometimes feel too easy. I like a bit of prehistoric novelty during my day. Lol!!

I grew up using analog things, old radios that had tubes in them, old test equipment that my dad got in the military. Just seems right to me. Nothing like waiting 5 mins for all the tubes to come up to temperature.

A bit i guess..I know its the future and we live in the digital age and all but the 90s kid in me cant help but worry that steam or psn will go down at some point and all my video games will be gone. Same cant be said for all the games on disk and cartridge that i can play at will to this very day.

it really does hit that way.... much like a book called "How to Do Nothing" by Jenny Odell. choosing a static object can totally be perceived as an act of resistance (with the right intention behind the choice)

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