You've probably played a game in the past and found an easter egg that noone knows and has never been found but you moved on thinking it's just part of the game. amirite?

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Probably done it in real life too

@Nickyikky Probably done it in real life too

I've found over one thousands eggs in my lifetime, but unfortunately, I haven't taken a picture and cataloged all of them.

Didn't have the resources to tell anyone either. I guess I could have took a photograph, and send it to Nintendo Power. Then wait amount till the next issue to hit my mailbox.

@Vindicare-jjl don't forget to add the develop time for your picture.

You are right. Asking my parent for the camera, then wait for them to finish out the roll of pictures. Then ask then to take it to the Photomat, so it they can send it out and get it back 2 weeks later.

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