Since rubber comes from tress and trees need decomposing meat to grow, sports balls are technically meatballs. amirite?

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They are tasty too

Who said they just need decomposing meat?

Footballs are made of pigskin, so they are LITERALLY meatballs!

but if you hit someone with a sports ball that's assault but if you hit someone with a meatball its a food fight.

Meat? Where are you getting your information? This is ridiculous.

They need minerals and water from the soil which is true enriched by organic material deposits, not necessarily "meat" but more likely from other trees, insects...

Imagine the amount of meat needed for the Amazon forest to survive if your statement was even close to the truth.

More impressive is that the minerals needed for the amazon forest are supplied by the dust from the Saara desert btw. From another continent.

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