The Earth is a battle royale game between all species, but humans discovered friendly fire is enabled so they're all trolling, amirite?

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gUyS rEaL LiFe iS LiKe ViDeO gAmE?????

Why is everyone so serious, this is pretty hilarious to think about!

What are you on about? If anything the humans found cheat codes for intelligence and then they got bored and started fighting each other.

I assume you're not really serious. This is just for fun, right?

Wtf are you on about with trolling?

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Hey friendly fire is on!

What? Oh hey he's right! Friendly fire is on!

Couldn't be... OMG you guys are right, friendly fire is on!

Wait are you saying... lol, friendly fire!


A lot of animals found friendly fire too! Bears for instance. Polar bears and grizzly bears in particular. They also gang up on the "squeakers"(cubs) just like we do in video games haha

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