Kids nowadays won't know what tv channels are. amirite?

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I'm also 26, and honestly, tv channels feel like a retro thing, kinda like square TVs. Then again, I haven't had paid tv service since 2008.

i do bc i love watching the channels i have on AT&T plus

They don't know what commercials are and when I take my kids places that have cable playing they are so confused. It's kind of hilarious.

If I could get internet without TV for cheaper by itself then I would. Since most people are stuck with Xfinity i feel like most people will continue having TV service for a long time coming.

@88080808088 Ok boomer

I'm 26. I just like complaining about youth already.

put that together with floppy disc, VCR, cassette tapes...

@Thenaturelover put that together with floppy disc, VCR, cassette tapes...

Seriously? Not all kids know what those are but that doesn't mean we all don't.

Ok boomer. First of all, This is not true. I know what frickin tv channels are even though I also use Netflix. I also know what cassette tapes are As well as vinyl turn tables so don't try to stereotype us. Not all kids are like that.

"Kids these days"

angry old man intensifies

They would because we all will tell them and there is a thing which gives all of the available information to a person with just one tap

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