The most hopeful and optimistic thing a person can do is move a cell phone 5 inches closer to the sky in hopes of catching a signal, amirite?

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Depending on how short your arms are, yes. It is quite optimistic to hope moving slightly closer to the sky will fix the problem.

The building I worked in had spotty connections for my cell phone. Sometimes a difference of a few inches across my desk was all it took for me to get a signal.

i´ve seen myself using a spoon as antenna

Can you hear me now? How about now?

Satellite phones have an extendable antenna that gets a whopping 3 inches closer to a satellite...

Most??? What about flapping your arms as you fall to your death? I feel we do a lot of hopeful and optimistic things.

Why not 6 inches?

In most cases cell signal comes from cell towers, not satellites. Moving the device in any direction might allow the signal to get around some barrier between you and the tower. 5G is particularly sensitive to physical barriers. Changing your grip on the phone is another valid approach.

Then how come it always works, huh smart guy?

What about believing in an afterlife?

This generation's equivalent to dancing around with the rabbit ears

The most optimistic thing I have done was Google searching days at a time, in the hopes of finding any new news updates about the hopes of England preparing to request U.S. Statehood, as Boris Johnson has been proposing. Or Puerto Rico, DC, Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan, or even Newfoundland. As they or their people are talking about it a lot. Or checking for days at a time, in my hopes that Russia's economic crisis is finally resulting in the Country's collapse. God- I wish Russia had sold Siberia (Asian Russia) to the U.S. when Obama made the offer in 2014. Or that the Soviet Union took George H. W. Bush's offer. But for now, Russia is gradually going down. And it's just a matter of time. And I can't stop thinking about it. I wish that Russia never progressed from 1992, becoming a nuclear superpower and a threat of invasion to the world. So far already, Ukraine and Georgia have suffered an invasion and a loss of land to Russia. I WANT THEM GONE!

My phone signal changes from the left side to the right side of my bed

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