In Pixars Cars universe, the existence of Henry Ford would cause quite the paradox, amirite?

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BTW quick update! In the movie Toy Story 4 (Also by Pixar) we can see a Dinoco gas station, which you Cars fans are familiar with. Except this makes it just more complicated and confusing...does this mean the humans from the Pixar movies know about the Cars? or are they just in the same universe?

If they run on gas why do they have mouths?!?

Do they breed organically or are they built?

Do the have AC?

What did they use for fuel before they drilled and refined oil?

He would be their creator. Lord Ford.

What came first? The car or the car?

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He would probably mass-produce humans (as domestic servants?)

@KilljoyX He would probably mass-produce humans (as domestic servants?)

yes....or another theory....forklifts are humans and Henry Ford was a forklift

He's Jesus Chrysler

@Girlislit hehe nice one

There is a Pope car (or pope mobile) in cars so therefore there has to be a car Jesus

Unless you believe in the Pixar Theory (which also explains things like the car pope)

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