The Beatles never had the Beatles as an influence to their music, amirite?

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I mean... yeah.

They had the Blackjacks and the Quarrymen to influence them.

...and they sucked.

@miraclerandy ...and they sucked.

So does your mom but you don't see your community complaining about it

They influenced each other tho, so technically they were influenced by the Beatles.

Basically true, although they did influence each other.

@XdJackieboi Yeah in a sense

John used strings on Strawberry Fields because Paul had used them on a few tracks before. Paul wrote surreal lyrics due to John's influence. George learned to write songs by watching them do it for years.

@dankXD Basically true, although they did influence each other.

Yea in a big way. Unpopular opinion: Harrison is the only one who made good music after the split.

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