From an evolutionary perspective, condoms make sex pointless, amirite?

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Selective breeding actually.

@Tuggspeedmen Selective breeding actually.

Natural selective breeding would be not banging someone you don't wanna breed with. OP is technically right, the purpose of sex is purely procreation biologically speaking, so if you're not breeding is it really even sex in the eyes of biologist cucks?

@tonywonderslostnut sex and procreation are 2 seperate things.

But the purpose of sex is procreation is it not? I mean, theres other benefits to it outside of that but sex is the natural means of procreation, even if they are separate things

@Cheytuflya practice

I mean if your offering 😎

And shooting aimless

Parents not killing each other probably helps kids survive. So just gonna carry on with our non-procreative boinking if it's all the same to you.

Pretty sure humans evolved to want to have sex with each other because it's fun and feels good tbh

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