The existence of the Whopper Jr. confirms that the Whopper is not a virgin. amirite?

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And the prize for best wholesome award goes to...

What did you think the secret sauce was?

Except for some adoptions ...

Or kidnapping, also works :)

What if it was divine intervention?

First dirty joke I ever heard: Why did the Dairy Queen get pregnant?

A: Burger King forgot to wrap his Whopper.

Whoppers are asexual. That's common knowledge.

Chad Whopper > Virgin Big Mac

Well, their buns are covered in seeds so...

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The video of me putting my penis on and in your burger confirmed that already.

The Burger King takes full advantage of the Lord's Right.

Burger King and Dairy Queen got a little something on the side...

And the existence of a mythical 'Whopper Senior'.

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