We are annoyed when someone is disingenuously fishing for compliments in real life, but ignore the fact that almost all social media photos are the exact same thing, amirite?

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Most social media are overtly fishing for compliments

The problem is when folks are trying to make pretend they aren't fishing for compliments

Oh no, i got annoyed on those too

I've noticed that people will viciously punish those who are worse than they are at vailing their motvations. I've wondered if the response is in any way proportional to how similar the revealed motivation is to one's own.

Maybe you ignore that fact

@cjcusack Maybe you ignore that fact

We can't be alone in the ultra-hard eye roll when seeing some girl doing a silly yoga pose on the beach with the sun or moon in the background. Ugh. Nobody honestly sees that and thinks it's neat. It only fuels jealously from people who wish it was them.

And equally annoying.

I get annoyed at that to tbh lol

The annoying part is you don't deserve the compliment.

This is the same as internet trolls. They are just there for the attention and if you ignore them they will eventually go away.

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