Your body is full of bacteria that will wait decades for you to die so it can eat you. amirite?

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Patience is a virtue.

More like you only live cause billions of bacteria allow you to.

Yeah i have Patience of a bacteria

*The bacteria festering inside your corpse, it fills you with determination*

It's the progeny of the current bacteria, to be precise

Even creepier: bacteria will live millions of generations in your body just so they can eat you.

Now that's a wait on a restaurant reservation

They aren't waiting for you to die though. They actually do things to keep you healthy.

My bacteria is happy right now, I feed them daily

Mini friends

That's so Metal.

@tonywonderslostnut That's so Metal.

So literally a dead skin mask after the angel of death comes for you? And if yoir lucky, Jesus saves?

Well if they are that dedicated I am honored

Aliens are microscopic

@GnarlyStarwin Aliens are microscopic

microscopic, aliens are.


(Commands: 'opt out', 'delete')

Technically it eats you alive... When you get stomach pains , you think it means your hungry...but its actually your bacteria eating your guts because you wont eat what it desires

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