Over-population may be driving humanity to glorifying butt things over vaginal things to slow our population growth through non-procreative sex and we simply don't grasp the reach of our own genetic wisdom and it emerges in pop culture as a result. amirite?

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This. Bravo 👏🏻

We have entered the Age of Ass.

@Thenaturelover We have entered the Age of Ass.

Hallelujah!!! I know that my favorite thing about going shopping is to look at all those nice female asses walking around...I know I'm a perv but I just can't enough of seeing all those butts

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Its phycological... Women sleep better knowing there is NO way they can get pregnant... Media now accepts butt sex so no one is ashamed... Men are even told lies that their pleasure center is in their anus, when it is in fact at the end of their penis...

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