Seatbelts are positioned in a way to where "get out the car" brings on a lot of suspicious movements, amirite?

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Spoken from experience?

I wish automatic seatbelts were more popular.

Siri take off my seatbelt

Definitely get shot where i lay my head at night and they have the nerve to be timid high on cheap stolen coke and yelling This bs at you 😂

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Is there any seatbelt disadvantage to having them buckle on the other side?

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Idk if this is sad, but true, or just true, and effing sad.

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I suppose they are built with safety as a priority during that innocent time when you didn't have to deal with trigger happy law enforcement.. but I can understand why they are nervous.... Didn't volve first develop seat belts anyway, gave away the patent

Suspicious in what way? Nothing about a movement is suspicious, it's just a verb the accomplishes a task. Taking your seatbelt off looks like taking your seatbelt off.

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